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Computer Support Technician Certificate (CST Certificate)


The CST Program has been suspended due to low enrolment and will not be accepting any students in September 2015.

The IT sector is full of job opportunities and the new, one-year Computer Technology Certificate has been redeveloped to get you into the workforce in as little as one year. The certificate is now offered through the Computer Support Technician program using a cyber-structure model utilizing online delivery.

With the completion of the certificate you will have detailed knowledge of several PC applications and operating systems. You will be exposed to various programming, scripted and markup languages. Programming learning is hands-on, using various applications including game development and social media. The work you complete in the program will give you an understanding of information technology (IT) as a business environment. You will also develop customer service attitudes and skills that are critical in today’s IT world. Once you have completed the certificate, you will have obtained knowledge and in-depth skills in database design, practical experience in controlling data and the ability to design solutions for data storage and transferring of database information. You will be able to install, configure and customize operating systems in stand-alone or networked environments. You will have advanced knowledge and skills in programming using multiple applications and languages. You will have the ability to write reports and other business communications, use web tools and technologies for use in e-commerce and be able to work as a team member to define, scope, design, develop, test, and implement solutions to real business problems.

Study full or part-time, work toward a certificate or just take only those courses that interest you. Courses are scheduled throughout the year and are fifteen weeks in length.

Program Outline 
Required Courses
Course Number Course Name Credits Hours Prerequisites
ICT 102 Computer Hardware 3 45 Program Entry
ICT 108 Operating Systems I 3 45 Program Entry
ICT 110 Professionalism and Customer Service 3 45 Program Entry
ICT 112 Foundations of Web Development 3 45 Program Entry
ICT 114 Networking 3 45 ICT 108
ICT 120 Foundations of System Development 3 45 Program Entry
ICT 214 Database Design 3 45 Program Entry
Optional Courses (Student must complete 3 courses to obtain certificate)
ICT 122 Foundation Project 3 45 Program Entry
ICT 212 Web Development II 3 45 ICT 112
ICT 216 Database Management 3 45 ICT 214
ICT 232 Network Security 3 45 ICT 108
ICT 234 Server Management 3 45 ICT 108
ICT 236 Network Infrastructure 3 45 ICT 108


Career Opportunities 

Certificate graduates will find employment as entry-level hardware technicians, network technicians, junior programmers or network administrators. Graduates will also have the basic knowledge and skills required for further training in this field.

Admission Requirements 

Admission to the program is based on the qualifications below. Once in the program students follow the sequence of courses leading to the certificate.

  • English 12 or ENGL 050  or  ENGL 055 or ENGL 053 or equivalent, or

    Successful placement on a CAT 3 Assessment Test

  • Principles of Math 10 or Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10, or

    MATH 031/032 or MATH 032 or MATH 033, or

    Successful placement on a CAT 3 Assessment Test

  • Computer Skills: Information Technology 11 or Business Computer Applications 11 or CPST 040 or BCPT 150 or CPSC 111


Those students who do not have any formal computer training may meet the computer skill prerequisites of the program through prior learning assessment, and must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Word Processing - basic operations of word processing (copy, paste, moving and entering text), formatting documents, spell check, saving and retrieving documents, inserting graphics
  • Spreadsheets - formatting spreadsheets, entering formulas, creating charts
  • Operating Systems - file management (creating, saving, deleting files and folders, finding files)
  • Internet Use - email familiarity, using a browser to navigate the internet, find web sites using a search engine
Dates and Locations 

The Computer Support Technician Certificate Program begins in September of every year and is offered through an online delivery model. Other start dates are possible and extra courses may be offered depending on demand.

Study full or part-time, work toward a certificate or just take only those courses that interest you. Courses are scheduled throughout the school year and are fifteen weeks in length.

All courses are available at home to students who have a high speed internet connection and a computer.


Program Fees 
FEES Per Credit Full Time (30 Credits)
Tuition: $86.04 $2,581.20
*Student Association Fee: $0.00 $61.56
*Canadian Federation of Students Fee: $0.00 $17.28
Technology Fee: $3.67 $110.10
Registration Fee: $1.84 $55.20
Infrastructure Fee: $0.55 $16.50
**Books: $0.00 $1,400.00
**Supplies/Clothing: $0.00 $700.00
Total: $92.10 $4,941.84

Fees are effective as of August 5, 2014

*These fees are term based and may vary due to the length of the program.

**Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on courses taken.