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First Nations Fine Arts Advanced Diploma


First Nations Fine Arts (FNFA) Advanced Diploma is a 10 month program meant to enhance skills and confidence of graduates of the 2 year FNFA Diploma. The program is a combination of business courses, jewelry and sculpture with a mentoring approach to learning to increase confidence in moving forward in their artistic careers. The Advanced Diploma continues the work of Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art in honouring and supporting the rich culture and tradition of First Nations art in the Northwest.

Students of Aboriginal descent build on the solid foundation laid in the Diploma program in First Nations Northwest coast art by learning and practicing the traditional arts of jewelry and sculpture under the mentorship of world-renowned master artist/instructors.

The Advanced Diploma students will participate in portions of the FNFA field trips and public art exhibits to build on their skills of displaying, promoting and selling their own creative work.


Students will learn fundamentals of graving in silver, gain advanced techniques in sculpture and have an introduction to business skills. Students will create three projects in silver (typically a ring, pendant and bracelet) and in sculpture they will create a project of their own conception and planning as approved by the instructor. The sculptures may include frontlets, rattles, clan hats, small totems or other projects as determined by skill and ideas.

Students can opt to take portions of this program though must complete the program in its entirety to obtain the Advanced Diploma. for a one year Certificate or complete two years of study to earn a Diploma. 

Program Outline 


COURSE NAME             

FNFAD 261-4

Introductory Engraving I

FNFAD 263-4

Introductory Engraving II

FNFAD 251-4

Advanced Northwest Coast Sculpture I   

FNFAD 253-4

Advanced Northwest Coast Sculpture II   

BENG 150-3

Business Communications

MGMT 201-3


MARK 150-3

Intro to Marketing

MARK 250-3

Social Media Marketing

At the end of the program the students should be able to:

  1. Work with master Northwest Coast artists to receive guidance and refine practice
  2. Research cultural design, identify traditional carving and graving principles and enact the development process
  3. Apply and sustain solo wood carving skill development techniques
  4. Confidently identify and operate tools and equipment used for the creation of a sterling silver graved jewelry
  5. Apply skills and confidence gained to continuing to grow and move forward as an independent Northwest Coast artist
Admission Requirements 
  • The FNFA Advanced Diploma is open to graduates of the FNFA Diploma program.
  • All course pre-requisites must be met in advance of enrollment.
Dates and Locations 
Location  Date
Terrace - FNFAD 261 and 263  July 3, 2018-August 23, 2018
Terrace - FNFAD 251, BENG 150, and MARK 250 September 5, 2018


Program Fees 

First Nations Fine Art - Advanced Diploma Program Fees

FEES Full Time (28 Credits)
Tuition for Fine Arts Courses: $2,265.28
Tuition for Business Courses: $1,117.68
*Student Union Fees: $83.04
Mandatory Fees: $119.36
Total Tuition: $3,585.36
Additional Costs:  
**Books: $1,000.00
**Supplies/Clothing: $200.00
**Tools: $2,300.00
Total Program Costs: $7,085.36

Fees are effective as of August 7, 2018
**Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on courses taken.