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University Sciences Bridging Certificate



Academic Bridging is designed for individuals who have not completed their Grade 12 Dogwood and/or require academic upgrading in order to continue their studies.  The program is intended to bridge the gap between a student’s prior education and the requirements of first year university level courses. 

Program Outline 

ENGL 190 - Introduction to University Writing 
ENGL 101 - University Writing 
BIOL 050 - Provincial Human Biology 
CHEM 040 - Advanced Chemistry 
MATH 0501 - Provincial Math 1 
MATH 0502 - Provincial Math 2
PHYS 040 - Advanced Physics 
ENGL 050 - Provincial English 

Career Opportunities 

Currently under review.

Admission Requirements 

Exsisting CCP Entrance Requirements: 

Be at elast 18 years of age, OR have already earned Grade 12 standing OR be 17 years of age and out of public school for at l;east one year, OR have written recommendation from a local high school principal, AND meet with an NWCC Educational Advisor or CCP Coordinator to ensure they have chose the correct courses or programs. AND

  • ENGL 040 or ENGL 045 or ENGL 043 or Placement at the Provincial Level English (Grade 12); AND 
  • MATH 0401/0402 or Placement at the Provincial Level; AND 
  • SCIE 030 or SCIE 033 or Science 10 


Dates and Locations 
Location & Length  Start Date 
Terrace 8 months  TBA
Program Fees 

Career and College Prep Program Fees

FEES Per Credit Full Time (31 Weeks)
Tuition: $93.94 $2442.44
*Student Association Fee Per Smester: $31.38 $62.76
*Canadian Federation of Students Fee: $8.82 $17.64
Technology Fee: $3.74 $97.24
Registration Fee: $1.88 $48.88
Infrastructure Fee: $0.56 $14.56
**Books: $0.00 $200.00
**Supplies/Clothing: $0.00 $50.00
Total:   $2933.52

Lab Fee Note Per Credit: Add for each lab course taken. Lab fees are mandatory and cannot be waived. These are non-refundable fees and apply to students with lab exemptions 




Fees are effective as of July 2015 Lab Fee Note: 

*These fees are term based and may vary due to the length of the program.

**Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary depending on courses taken.

You may be able to apply for help to pay your fees. Please come to the college and ask an advisor about financial assistance or funding that may be available.

Books may be available in the library or may be purchased second hand.