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How do I create a journal alert?
Please read these brief instructions.

Can search results be formatted in citation formats such as MLA, APA, etc?
Yes, there are several ways.

  • The cite tool appears on search results pages. Use the checkboxes to select one or more articles and click the cite tool to see and copy formatted citations.
  • The cite tool also appears on the "Citation/Abstract" and "Fulltext" pages of individual articles.
  • The email tool allows you to send formatted citations to yourself.
  1. Go to "Recent searches".
  2. Select "Actions".
  3. Choose "Get link".

How do I get a permanent link to an article?
The URL in your browser's address or location bar is not a permanent URL. There are two ways to get a permanent URL.

  • Email the article or article citation to yourself. The email will contain a permanent URL.
  • Copy the "Document URL" from the indexing details section of the article's "Citation/Abstract" or "Fulltext" page.

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