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Your path to engineering starts at NWCC.

While taking general science courses at Northwest Community College, Ethan Wiebe discovered his passion for physics. Now he is on his way to a career as a Civil Engineer. He came to NWCC after high school to take university credit courses. This prepared him to move to the University of British Columbia (UBC). He eagerly shared his enthusiasm for his area of study and his time at NWCC exclaiming, “I think it’s great, and more students should consider the College.”

At NWCC Ethan discovered he enjoyed solving physics problems and found the labs really interesting. His older brother Nolan is an engineering student, which helped Ethan choose his career path, he jokes, “I’ve always tried one-upping him.”

When asked what about engineering captured his interest Ethan says, “Engineers solve real-world problems with physics. We’re around things engineers have built every day, from roadways to skyscrapers.”

NWCC Physics professor Regan Sibbald says, “Ethan was an excellent student with a bright future.”

Ethan’s family has roots in NWCC. “I expected to come to the College,” he says, “my dad also went to NWCC, so I knew it was a good choice.”

Ethan earned entrance scholarships at NWCC and living at home was affordable which gave him extra time to focus on his studies. “It has definitely contributed to my success,” says Ethan, “it made it easier to adapt to living alone.” “A year at college gave me time to really think,” adds Ethan, “I was planning on going into healthcare, I actually wanted to do less Physics and Math, but being exposed to physics set me on a completely different path.”

Ethan will be heading into his second year at UBC this fall after a summer working in Terrace. As for his future plans he wants to return to the region so he can enjoy a life in the nature he loves.