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ACE 154 Surveying

This introductory surveying course provides the student with skills in compassing, distance and slope measuring, profile and differential levelling, conducting closed and open traverses, and area determination. Familiarizations with various survey equipment include use and care or magnetic compasses, levels, clinometers and various distance-measuring instruments. Basic surveying will draw upon the student's knowledge of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and drafting skills. The objective of the course will be to provide as much "hands on" experience with the survey equipment as possible while maintaining an appropriate amount of time with survey theory and methods. Field exercises will be based on actual survey procedures used in the natural resource field in industry and government. The appropriate selection of survey equipment to complete various data collection objectives will be discussed. 

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

Prerequisite: Principles of Math 10 or MATH 0301/0302, 
Co-requisite: Principles of Math 11 or MATH 0401/0402