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ACE 182 Stream Habitat Assessment & Restoration

This course introduces the methodologies of conducting a fish and fish habitat assessment on stream ecosystems.  Students will learn to provide information regarding fish species characteristics, distributions and relative abundance, as well as stream reach biophysical data for interpretation of habitat sensitivity and capability for fish production.  Students will also learn how to sample for fish presence, collect data on stream habitat characteristics and gain an in depth understanding of the stream habitat requirements for salmonid species.  Students will be introduced to the natural processes and resource development activities that can affect stream ecosystems and learn to recognize signs of habitat degradation.  Students will also learn techniques used to prevent and control damage of stream habitats and gain skills in improving and restoring stream ecosystems.

Transfer Credits 
Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide.

English 11 or ENGL 040 (or 045) and Principles of Math 10 or MATH 0301/0302.